We offer you free of charge consultancy with our specialist who presents analysis and saving possibilities. We are experienced in applying following technologies:

Gas furnaces

Dual-function gas furnaces are equipped with water heater, circle pump with automatic deaerator, separable exhaust system, electronic temperature control, self-check control system, electronic temperature control with NTC sensors, air pressure control preventing from exhaust fumes regression, fume draft control (furnaces with open fume pod), water pressure control preventing from insufficient water flow in the furnace. Such heating devices are mostly installed in flats and detached houses.

Oil furnaces

Low temperature, modern oil furnaces are known as devices that produce high levels of energy while working quietly at the same time. New burner with blue flame produce less NOx. These furnaces are high resistant and easy to maintain. They are used both for domestic and industrial purposes.

Condensing furnaces

These furnaces are really cost effective thanks to condensation of steam contained in the fumes, that is later transformed into supplementary energy and passed to central heating installation. This mechanism makes condensing furnaces more functional comparing to conventional ones. Modern condensing furnaces may suck the air both from indoors and outdoors. As they have nice design they may be placed everywhere with no harm to room decoration. There are plenty different models available in the market with various power scales. You can find also oil condensing furnaces that have standard efficiency at the level of 103%. They are rather for domestic use.


Devices suitable for medium and large rooms such as industrial rooms, workshops, warehouses, pavilions, sports hall, churches. It’s a dynamic source of heat supplied with hot water by the heating furnace. Maximum operational pressure is at the level of 16bar.

Air condition

Air condition – systems of maintaining indoor temperature and humidity by air circulation. They are used to provide comfortable live and work conditions. Modern systems that we install produce clean and healthy air. Devices available currently in the market have great acoustic and visual features, thanks to modern design may be placed everywhere within industrial spaces. Daron Technik company offers mounting air conditioners in the offices and industrial rooms.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that is able to transfer heat from one fluid at a lower temperature to another at a higher temperature. This is an inverted direction of natural heat flow and takes place by mechanical energy provided from the outside. Heat pumps gain energy from the air, soil and ground water. This technology is practically most profitable when it comes to exploitation costs and takes advantage of unlimited heat provided by natural environment. Devices are environmentally friendly, ecological, really modern and cost-saving. They are mainly applied for household, room conditioning, room heating by warmth taken from the outdoors and for heating tap water.

Solar collectors

Sollar colectors are devices used for conversion of solar power into heating. Energy is transformed in the collector part called absorber. Once heated into right temperature heat is transferred to the intercharger. Intercharger transports it from solar liquid to the tap or industrial water. Cooled carrier goes back to the collector to be heated once again. It is estimated that in polish weather conditions applying solar collectors may deliver up to 60% of the demand on hot tap water (during the summer up to 90%). Modern solar collectors utilize both sunbeams and reflexes and are mainly used for heating tap or swimming pool water, for supporting central heating, buildings refrigerating, producing technological heating. Solar collectors are applied in detached houses and industrial spaces.


Modern systems that accumulate energy from sunbeams and transfer them into electrical energy. It can supply home or company with great amount of free electricity. Photovoltaic modules are also used for the ecological and practical purposes because sunbeams are fully available. Mounted modules collect sunbeams and then transfer them to the device called inwerter where they are transformed from direct into alternating current that is ready to use. Applying photovoltaic installations decrease CO2 emission and therefore is environmentally friendly. It is used both for domestic and industrial purposes, there are also built farms of such systems for commercial energy production.

Rainwater harvesting

This is another environmentally friendly way of cost savings. Rainwater can be used at home in toilet tanks, for laundry, cleaning or watering. Using this system may decrease demand on drinking water by 50%. Additionally by using rainwater we protect our environment because it prevents from increased ground water, flood and sewage system load.

Energy recovery systems by O.N.I

ONI company offers devices that use renewable energy for heating and refrigeration buildings. In many factories waste heat from refrigerating systems is not utilized whilst could bring many advantages:

  • waste heat used for heating purposes
  • savings in exploitation up to 40%
  • return on investment within year or two
  • in case of leasing, savings could be higher than the installment


Ventilation is the process of changing or replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality. Ventilation is used to remove unpleasant smells and excessive moisture and introduce outside air in order to to keep interior building air circulating, prevent stagnation of the interior air as well as provide fresh air which is needed for many pieces of equipment to be functioning properly. Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the building. Methods for ventilating a building may be divided into:

  • natural - the ventilation of a building with outside air without the use of a fan or other mechanical system, usually using a natural draught;
  • gravitational - exchange of air using the pressure difference between the space ventilated, and the mouth of the air duct to the atmosphere;
  • mechanical - controlled air exchange.
Currently, in order to protect our environment, also applies recuperators which is a counter-flow energy recovery heat exchanger based on central ventilation. Thanks to those devices, we can additionally limit heating costs by recovering heat from exhaust air from the ventilation system. Therefore, currently there are tight windows used most frequently and generally it tends to not release heat from home – the mechanical ventilation is a must. As a result, we have full control over the amount of air exchanged and its quality as well as we can prevent humidity and mould.